Tap in, roll the dice, and away we go...

Travel through each month of the year, full of hilarious, adorable, and just plain wacky Animal Crossing events. Make your character the happiest in town and earn the most Happy Points to win.


To get started, you and your friends will just tap the amiibo figures you want to use.


Then choose the month you want to play and roll the dice.

Amiibo Tap inAmiibo Tap inAmiibo Tap inAmiibo Tap inAmiibo Tap in

You never know what'll happen next!

When you land on a space, it'll trigger an event. You might get extra Bells or Happy Points, or both (yay!)…or lose them (aww).

It's all about the Happy Points

All these fun events add up to one thing: Happy Points. Try to collect the most Happy Points and make your character the happiest in town!

You'll also earn Bells as you go. For every 1,000 Bells you collect, you'll get a Happy Point. Just watch them add up!

Customize your game board

Not only do Happy Points help you win the game, they can be used to add new features to your game board.

More modes to enjoy

As you play and unlock new attractions using your Happy Tickets, you'll discover even more ways to have fun with Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival.

Desert Island Escape

This one-player game lets you control a team of three different characters. Each character has different powers, but they've got to work together to gather materials and get off the island.

Quiz Show

Test yourself against your friends in an Animal Crossing-themed quiz show.


There are more minigames to discover, including brain teasers and high-speed chases!