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howdy, neighbor!

The world of Animal Crossing: City Folk is filled with colorful characters of all kinds! You'll find them around town and in the big city. Building great relationships with neighbors is important, so work hard at becoming your town's social butterfly!


You are the newest resident in town. It may seem daunting being the new kid on the block, but don't worry - your neighbors are there to help, and you'll be making friends in no time.

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You can even have your Animal Crossing character get all dolled up in the image of your very own Mii™ character!

  • Tom Nook

    When you first move in to your town, Tom Nook will set you up with a house. Use bells you earn working at his shop to pay off your mortgage. Tom will also buy fruit, fish and items from you or help you invest in the stalk market.

  • Copper & Booker

    Copper and Booker are the cordial guards that protect your town Gate. Talk to Copper if you want to visit other towns via the DS Suitcase. He can also help you invite guests to your town and get info about friend codes. Booker has all the juicy gossip on who's visiting, and will help you change your town flag's design if you'd like to spruce it up.

  • KK Slider

    KK Slider is a canine musician, with a soft spot for the acoustic guitar and a voice like no other. No trip to the Roost in Town Hall is complete without a glimpse of his toe-tapping performance!

  • Blathers

    Blathers is the museum curator. Next time you find a fossil, or you catch a bug or fish, bring it to Blathers. He'll be happy to tell you exactly what you've found.

  • Pelly

    When you visit the Town Hall, you'll find Pelly behind the counter pulling double duty. She's a friendly pelican who keeps track of the town's well-being, fields complaints, and also takes care of the Post Office.

  • Mayor

    Your town's mayor is an elderly tortoise by the name of Tortimer. You'll see him sleeping behind the counter at Town Hall or hanging around at special events in town. He's very forgetful so go back and talk to him often!

  • Mr. Resetti

    Saving your game is very important if you want your latest adventures to be accounted for the next time you come back! If you forget to save, Mr. Resetti will "pop in" to set you straight and make sure you remember to save the next time. He'll give you a talking to that you won't soon forget!

  • Mabel & Sable

    Mabel and Sable are sisters that own a clothing shop in town. Mabel is the friendly and talkative store clerk, while Sable carries on quietly with the sewing machine in the back of the store. The girls sell tons of clothing and accessory designs in their shop, and they'll even help you create your very own patterns!