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the city awaits

Who can resist the allure of heading outside the gates and in to the free world? Just hop on a bus and head over to the City! It's a bustling metropolis filled with colorful characters and high-end shops. You can buy classier items for your house, have your fortune read, or even get in a little culture at The Marquee.

  • Shampoodle’s

    Have Harriet give you a touch up! Whether you want to try a funky, new hairstyle or get a Mii™ makeover, Harriet will pamper you at the Shampoodle salon.

  • Auction House

    If you've got items sitting around that you don't need, bring them to the Auction House and have Lloid help you put them up for bidding. You can also bid on other peoples' items to add to your collection at home.

  • The Marquee

    Want to learn how to express emotions with your character? Check out Dr. Shrunk's show at the Marquee to see how it's done, and then show off what you've learned when you interact with your neighbors and friends!

  • Happy Room Academy

    The Happy Room Academy is a members-only club that keeps an eye on the aesthetic pulse of the community. After you become a member, the Academy will evaluate your room, and if you're lucky, they'll choose it as one of the Academy's model rooms.

  • Katrina’s Shop

    Katrina is the City's feline fortune teller. If you want to find out what's in store for you, she just might have the answer! She can also give you tips on living the charmed life back in town.

  • Redd’s Shop

    Redd the fox owns an exclusive members-only furniture shop in the City. This shop is invite-only, so make sure that you're extra friendly with everyone you meet!

  • GracieGrace

    Have lots of Bells saved up? Looking for a major home makeover? Then Gracie's shop is your destination for high-end furniture, clothing, and accessories.