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Learn more about Animal Crossing: City Folk by reading details on some of the game's main features and options below. For an even more in-depth look at the game's characters, places, items and more, pick up a copy of the official Player's Guide (sold separately).


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Able Sisters’ Shop

You can buy clothes, hats and accessories at the Able Sisters’ Shop. Get new garment designs, display those you’ve created, and have Pro designs created here.


Auction off items that you no longer need for a few extra Bells at the Auction House, or bid on new items that come through from time-to-time. You’ll have to travel to the City to get there though!

Bank ABD

The Bank ABD machine, found in the Town Hall, is where you can pay off your mortgage and deposit or withdraw bells. If you ever misplace your card, don't worry! Your bells are safe and they can issue you a new one.


Bells are the currency in Animal Crossing: City Folk. From clothes to furniture, you can use Bells to purchase anything for sale in the game. You can also sell treasures, bugs and fish to earn more bells.


Blathers is a character you’ll find in your town.


Booker is a character you’ll find in your town.


Catch bugs around town and donate them to the museum or trade them for Bells at Tom Nook’s shop. You’ll need to buy a net, but catching a rare one makes it all worth while. Keep your eyes peeled!


Days and seasons pass in real time within the world of Animal Crossing: City Folk, as special events coincide with real world holidays. Keep an eye out in the game during special days of the year, and visit the Calendar page to find out about upcoming special events!


The City is one of the major new additions to Animal Crossing: City Folk! Head to the bus stop in your town to travel there. Discover new shops, new ways to customize yourself, and new adventures.

Civic Center

The Civic Center has a number of services to change or improve your town. See how your town is doing, change the tune that you hear playing throughout your town, donate Bells to help improve the town, or voice complaints and report problems with your house.


Copper is a character you’ll find in your town.


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DS Suitcase Mode

If you've played Animal Crossing: Wild World on Nintendo DS and have player data saved, you can transfer certain elements to Animal Crossing: City Folk through the DS Suitcase.


Send messages to the e-mail addresses of other Animal Crossing: City Folk owners that you’ve registered as Wii Friends. All messages get sent from the Post Office.


Get yourself a fishing pole and head to the beach. Scour the blue waters of your town for fish of all shapes and sizes. Trade them for Bells at Tom Nook’s shop or donate them to the museum.


With a shovel, you can dig up fossils throughout your town. They could be under any number of places, so search carefully! Get them identified by Blathers the owl, then donate them to the museum or trade them at Tom Nook’s shop for Bells.

Friend / Wii Friend

Friends are other players with whom you've exchanged Friend Codes. Wii Friends are other players with whom you've exchanged Wii codes. Exchanging codes will allow you to communicate with other players.

Friend Code

Trading friend codes with another player will allow you to communicate and visit one another in Animal Crossing: City Folk. Click here for full details on Friend Codes.


Fruit grows on trees throughout your town. Shake a tree to make the fruit fall to the ground, and then pick it up to eat or sell it at Tom Nook's Shop. Different fruits have different prices, and some are rarer than others.


GracieGrace is a boutique in the City specializing in high-end furniture, clothing, and accessories.


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Happy Room Academy

The Happy Room Academy has set up its new headquarters in the City. By joining the Academy, your rooms will become eligible for the exclusive showroom floor. The Academy scans the full Animal Crossing realm so other Animal Crossing: City Folk owners may have their rooms on display as well.

Katrina's Shop

Katrina is the City's fortuneteller. Visit her shop to have your fortune told and learn about ways to lead a charmed life.

K.K. Slider

K.K. Slider is a character you'll find in your town.


View your map at any time to see where all the houses and shops are in your town.


The mayor is a character you'll find in your town.

Mr. Resetti

Mr. Resetti is a character you'll find in your town.


Visit the museum to view fossils, bugs, and fish that you have donated. You can also go to the Observatory on the second floor to look at Constellations!


You'll have lots of neighbors to meet when you first arrive to your new town - some friendly and some not-so-friendly. Be sure to introduce yourself and speak with them often. As long-time residents, they may have a few tricks on how to prosper in your town.


On the second floor of the museum, you'll find an observatory where you can gaze at constellations or create your own.


Pelly is a game character you'll find in your town.


Take photos of your game screen and attach them to messages you send to Wii Friends. You can only carry one photo at a time, and photos you take will not be saved when your game is turned off unless you save them to an SD Card (sold separately).


Your pockets contain what you want to carry with you. You can access the objects and change your clothes from the pocket menu. You can also send and receive letters, see how many Bells you have and carry tools.

Post Office

From the Post Office in your Town Hall, you can send messages to Wii Message Boards, friends' e-mail addresses, and cell phones.

Pro Designs

In the Able Sisters' Shop, Mabel will help you create Pro designs for your garments. A Pro design lets you customize differently across the front, back and arms of your garment. But remember, it will cost you extra Bells to create a Pro design.


R to Z

Recycling Bin

The Recycling Bin is where you put things that you don't need anymore. It gets cleared out every Monday and Thursday at 6 a.m. Anything you find inside the Bin is up for grabs.

Redd's Shop

Travel to the City to check out Redd's Shop, where you can buy furniture. This super exclusive shop is for members only, and you'll need to be invited from a friend in town to get in.

SD Card

With an SD Card, you can save photos you've taken in the game so they aren't lost when you shut down. SD Cards are sold separately.


Shampoodle is the trendy hair salon in the City. Change your character's hairstyle or get a makeover to become your Mii™!

The Gate

The Gate is your portal to other towns and the place to hear about lost items. Don't forget to chat it up with the two guards, Booker and Copper!

The Marquee

Travel to the City to visit the Marquee. There you can work on your acting chops and learn how to express emotions with your character!

Tom Nook

Tom Nook is a character you'll find in your town.

Town Hall

Town Hall is an important hub for daily business. It's where you'll find the Civic Center, Post Office, Bank ABD, the Recycling Bin, and more.