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welcome to the neighborhood!

Step into a living, breathing world where days and seasons pass in real time and your destiny is yours to create.

Enjoy a new house, a new neighborhood, and some new friends. Try your luck in a Fishing Tourney, collect shells, or participate in special events and holidays. Communicate with friends and family; travel to the new City, get a Mii™ makeover, and more. The world is your sparkling, fresh canvas.

You choose the pace and you craft the adventures!

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  • the city

    When small-town living gets slow, the big city beckons. Catch the bus from outside Town Hall to head out the gates of your town and in to the all new City.

    Explore the city
  • the calendar

    Life in your Animal Crossing town follows a real world calendar. Playing in the winter might mean it’s snowing, and playing at night will put you under the stars. Enjoy a witty blend of real events mixed with spectacles only the Animal Crossing kingdom could hold!