new features

customize your world

Make your Animal Crossing world your own! It's all about your preferences, your tastes, and your whims!

  • Town

    Select your house and move right in. Keep the town nice by planting flowers, but don't forget to pick those pesky weeds!

  • House

    Your home is your castle, so deck it out! Do you like your furniture seasonal or sweet, classic or futuristic? Your home is yours to decorate, arrange and enjoy.

  • Apparel

    The Animal Crossing closet is literally bursting with hundreds of clothing options. From detective hats to plaid shirts, the options are endless!

  • Messages

    Select the keyboard icon in your menu to text chat with friends or write them letters.

  • Character

    Now you can customize your game right down to the face on your character. Visit Shampoodle in the City and tell Harriet you'd like your makeover to include a new Mii face. You'll be able to select from the Miis you've saved in your Mii Channel.