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Welcome to town!

As the new designer at Nook's Homes, you'll get to create homes, yards, and buildings—and make all your new animal friends happy.

Meet your team

Your friends at Nook's Homes are always there to help as you put your design skills to work.



Lottie is a skilled designer who will show you the ropes.



Tom Nook

Nook may be the boss, but you'll often find him on the golf course.



Nook's right-hand otter helps keep the business running smoothly.



Isabelle's brother can help you refine your designs for public buildings.

Meet your clients

New villagers are moving to town, and it's up to you to help them out!

Reunite with your favorite villagers and make lots of new friends.

Each client has something special in mind.
Choose the perfect spot for your client's new house. By the beach, in the woods, or even on a mountain!

There are many ways to fill a request. Be creative and use your design skills to really make the space unique!

You can take on design requests from hundreds of different villagers. You never know who'll show up next!

Invite new villagers with amiibo cards

Tap a compatible amiibo card to call in specific villagers or get special characters in your game.

Learn more

Bring design dreams to life

The key to any design is making your clients happy.

Show off your style, but be sure to include your client's special décor items!

Interior designs

You'll start with interior design requests of all kinds.

Exterior designs

Once you've got the hang of things, you can take on exterior and landscaping challenges.

Floor Plans and more

You can earn new options through studying the Happy Home Handbook. Use your Play Coins to unlock lessons on new layouts, window treatments, or even adding sounds.

Spruce up your town

Use your eye for design on your town's public buildings—with input from your client, Isabelle, of course.

You can make this the best town ever!
Help build a hospital, stores, a café, and more as your town expands.
Hang out with your friends as you visit shops or stroll along Main Street.