Connect and Share Connect and Share

Animal Crossing is even more fun with friends. Share your in-game photos and custom designs, or play online or locally...the more, the merrier.

Photo Opportunities

In Animal Crossing: New LeafWelcome amiibo, you can use the new amiibo Camera feature to take group photos with your player character, villagers, and amiibo characters in front of your real-world background.

Hangin' out Together

Spending time with friends is part of the fun! Visit each other’s towns, explore a tropical island together, and invite specific villagers to town using amiibo cards.

Open the Gate

When you open your town up to visitors or take a trip to one of your friends' towns, you and up to three players can connect online and explore together. Set up your own fishing tournament or bug hunt, trade custom designs and fruit, and dance the night away at Club LOL.

Go to the Beach

Gather with your friends at the boat dock and sail together to Tortimer Island, where it’s summer all year ‘round. Unwind from the stresses of being mayor as you go for a swim, catch bugs and fish, and relax with your friends.

Dream of Far-Off Places

The Dream Suite lets you visit towns from all around the world, even those of people you’ve never met. And since it’s all a dream, you can play around to your heart’s content.

Bring Your Town
to Life with amiibo

You can tap Animal Crossing amiibo™ figures and cards to meet those characters at the Campground. You can even invite specific villagers to move into your town!

Nintendo 3DS Image Share

Post in-game screenshots online with the Nintendo 3DS Image Share tool. Plus, the new amiibo Camera feature lets you take group photos with your player character, villagers, and amiibo characters. Just press the L + R Buttons at the same time to snap a photo!

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