Bring your Animal Crossing amiibo figures to life.

Which character will you choose? Isabelle, Digby, K.K., Lottie, and more are all ready to party! Don't worry—you can play them all.

Tap In...

Tap your compatible amiibo figure to the Wii U GamePad controller to add your character to the game.


Just one amiibo figure is needed to play the board game. Friends can join in even without their own amiibo, by choosing a villager character to play.

And save your Happy Points

When your game is over, you can save the Happy Points you've collected to your amiibo figure. Save enough points up and you can even unlock new costumes for your character.

Unlock even more with amiibo cards

You can use Animal Crossing amiibo cards to play more modes and even add characters to your game board.

View the amiibo card catalog

Animal Crossing - Happy Home Designer

And, if your amiibo card has a home design saved to it from the Animal Crossing™: Happy Home Designer game, you can add that character as well as the exterior of the home you designed for them.